The Tastiest Way to Accept Crypto Donations

Streamers can easily and securely receive donations in various cryptocurrencies, all while enjoying ultra-low transaction fees and lightning-fast processing times with maximum security.

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At Donut Pay, we're on a mission to help streamers maximize their revenue and secure their financial future.

We understand the struggles that come with traditional platforms and taxes, and we're here to provide an innovative, crypto-based solution that puts more money in your pocket.

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Donut Pay is a crypto donation platform designed specifically for streamers. It allows you to receive donations in various cryptocurrencies while streaming on platforms like YouTube and Twitch..

Setting up Donut Pay is easy! Sign up with your YouTube or Twitch account, input your streaming key and wallet address, and add the provided banner or link to your streaming page.

Donut Pay supports a wide variety of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. We're continually working to expand our offerings.

Donut Pay charges a 5% fee on all donations to keep the platform running. This means you keep a whopping 95% of your donations, significantly more than what you'd keep with traditional platforms.

When you receive a donation through Donut Pay, the funds are instantly deposited into your designated crypto wallet. This wallet is under your control, ensuring maximum security and ease of use.

To donate, simply click on the Donut Pay banner or link provided by the streamer on their streaming page. This will take you to a secure donation page where you can choose your preferred cryptocurrency and complete the transaction.

Yes, you will need a crypto wallet to donate using Donut Pay. If you don't have one already, there are many user-friendly wallets available online that you can set up quickly and easily.

Yes, Donut Pay is designed to prioritize security. Your donations are made directly to the streamer's crypto wallet, and we do not store any of your funds on our platform.

Donut Pay is a cryptocurrency donation platform and currently does not support fiat currencies. However, you can easily convert your fiat currency into a supported cryptocurrency using various exchanges and use that for donations.

The level of anonymity depends on the cryptocurrency you use for your donation. Some cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, offer a degree of anonymity but can still be traced to an extent. It's essential to research the privacy features of your chosen cryptocurrency to understand the level of anonymity it provides.